At Zushi Philly, we’re much more than your typical sushi restaurant. Stationed in Center City Philadelphia, our restaurant caters to bustling workers who are constantly on-the-go. When you’re having a busy day, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to get a quick meal. And that’s where we come in. At Zushi Philly, you can conveniently order fresh and delicious Japanese dishes to bring back to work after your lunch break.

Chef Sam Yoon and Tony Rim created the concept for Zushi Philly in 2017 after realizing that Japanese cuisine could use an interesting twist. Chef Sam began making zushi, a modern take on sushi, after wanting to mix tradition and innovation. Zushi is typically a deconstruction of sushi with a bed of buttered rice and fresh fish on top with a sprinkle of garnish.

In addition to Chef Sam’s original zushi dishes, customers can order other types of Japanese cuisine, such as rice bowls and sashimi. These dishes are all made-to-order and are quickly prepared for customers. Also, in the near future, customers will have the option to customize their meals.

Customers can order zushi on the touch screen system in the restaurant, on their mobile phone, or on the Zushi Philly website for pick-up. They can also order from two mobile applications, GrubHub® and Caviar, for pick-up or delivery within the Center City area.  So whether you need to run to pick up food before your break ends or you’re too comfy on your couch to get up, we have the ordering method for you.

When you order freshly made sushi dishes from Zushi Philly, you will receive quality food in a hurry. Chef Sam created this restaurant in hopes that busy Philadelphians would have access to modern sushi dishes without taking time out of their day. To see what we’re all about, stop by our location at 100 N 18th Street or call us at 267-534-3043.