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Which Zushi Ordering Method is Best for You?

March 15, 2018

At Zushi, we make ordering fresh, delicious sushi dishes quick and simple. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when you’re in a rush, so we make it easy for you to grab our food when you’re on-the-go or too hungry to wait.

We have a few ordering options that are tailored to people who live and work in the Center City, Philadelphia area. All of these methods allow you to easily order high-quality sushi. Depending on how much time you have, where you’re located, and what time you’re ordering, you can choose the ordering method that is the most convenient for you.

Here’s how you can order Zushi:

Touch Screen

When you come into our restaurant, you can order from our simple touch-screen POS system. On the screen, you can create a custom sushi dish that will be made-to-order from our fresh ingredients. After waiting just a few minutes, you can pick up your order and take it with you.

This method of ordering is perfect for people who live nearby and want a quick way to order food to bring back home or to the office.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering is ideal for people who are really in a rush. Even though ordering on our touch screen is quick, mobile ordering allows you to order your meal from your phone. That way, you can order before your lunch break begins and run in to pick it up. With this method, your order will be ready right when you enter the restaurant. It’s perfect for people who have a short lunch break or need to quickly get to a meeting.


Do you want delicious sushi delivered right to your door? With GrubHub, you can order Zushi from your phone or computer and have it sent to your home or office. This method is perfect for people who don’t have time to (or don’t want to) leave where they are.


Like GrubHub, Caviar can deliver food right to your door with the touch of a button. Just download the Caviar app or visit the website, and you can quickly and conveniently order from Zushi.

Whether you have 15 minutes to get food and get back to work or you’re spending a night inside, you deserve to quickly get a high-quality meal. At Zushi, we have three easy ways to order. So, no matter how you’re spending your day, you can rely on us for fresh ingredients, innovative dishes, and convenience.

To take a look at our menu or place an order, you can call 267-534-3043, visit https://phillyzushi.com/, go to our GrubHub page, or stop by our location at 100 N 18th Street in Philadelphia, PA.