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3 Reasons Zushi is Changing the Way You Eat Sushi

November 15, 2017

Among the vast amount of restaurants in Philadelphia, there is one that is setting itself apart from the rest. That restaurant is Zushi, a revolutionary sushi bar that is changing the way that people get their fresh sushi. Brand new to the Philadelphia area, Zushi has implemented innovative ways for you to get fast, fresh sushi any day of the week. To view our menu, visit https://phillyzushi.com/ or come check us out on N 18th St in Philadelphia!

Online Ordering System

Zushi is proud to bring you their brand new ordering system, which streamlines the process and provides you with the best fresh sushi in Philadelphia in a quick and easy way. Whether you are ordering from your mobile phone or from our touch-screen computer ordering system in-store, Zushi is making the process of getting fresh sushi as simple as possible. Our mobile ordering app is perfect for on-the-go sushi for your lunch break, while our efficient in-store ordering system is great for exploring our menu and finding the perfect fresh sushi for lunch or dinner. Zushi wants to take the hassle out of finding fresh seafood, and our online ordering is only one of the ways we are doing just that.


When you order sushi, whether it be from a sit-down restaurant or a grab and go convenience store, there is hardly ever room to be picky. In other words, what you see is what you get. Zushi wants to change all that by giving you an incredible variety to choose from. At Zushi, whether you use our mobile ordering or in-store kiosks, your sushi is made fresh to order. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can customize your order so that it suits exactly what you want.

Combination of Speed and Freshness

The days of needing to find a sit-down restaurant for fresh seafood are over. Thanks to Zushi, whenever you are looking for the freshest sushi in town, you don’t have to set aside enough time to go through the entire restaurant process. Whether you are in a hurry and need something to eat on the go or you are having a leisurely lunch with friends, Zushi has you covered with the freshest, fastest sushi in Philadelphia.

To see our fully customizable menu, visit us online at https://phillyzushi.com/ or stop by 100 N. 18th St in Philadelphia!